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Jane Scobie Event Planning provides planning and management for recording studio events, birthday parties, product launches, anniversary dinners, memorial celebrations, fundraisers, record release parties, menus, networking events, wine tastings...  all celebrations!


So you are a entrepreneur mum of two young children with a busy work schedule.  Your husband travels a lot with his job.  Therefore, he isn't always around as much as you would like to back you up.  You hardly ever get to see your friends, and you long to have the time to be a real person again. 


Imagine enjoying some yummy food and your favorite wines in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home.  


You just don't have anymore hours left in the day to organize the invites, choose the menu, buy the wine.  Do you have enough plates and silverware, or should you rent them to reduce clean-up at the end of your gathering?  


Who is going to help keep it all together on the day of the event?  Liaise with the caterer?  Set the scene? Make sure that your house is back in order at the end of the day.? 


Imagine having time to have real conversation with your friends, bond again and have peace of mind.


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