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Jane Scobie Event Planning provides planning and management for recording studio events, birthday parties, product launches, anniversary dinners, memorial celebrations, fundraisers, record release parties, menus, networking events, wine tastings...  all celebrations!


You are a successful executive running one of the most award winning pro audio manufacturing companies in the U.S. Your husband is also involved with the company. In addition, he is a very sought after audio engineer. You both love your work, but your time is very limited at home as you both travel extensively to attend industry events and conventions all over the world.


You have a beautiful spacious home in a very nice part of the city. Socializing out in restaurants is becoming quite tedious and you would love to share an evening with friends and close industry colleagues and invite them to your home.


Because you are both into fine wines, a wine tasting coupled with an amazing menu of appetizers sounds attractive and fun to you.


How an earth are you going to pull together all the elements of the evening when you barely have time to squeeze in some work-out time in an effort to stay fit. There is always the possibility of course of one of your grown up children deciding to come and visit unannounced that will completely throw you off course.


This is where I come in. Say goodbye to stress and say hello to peace of mind.


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